What New in Wallpapers

Rarely popular, wallpapers experiencing a comeback. And for good reason: they lend themselves more to the whims and design experiments. Graphics, retro, hyperrealistic, the reasons are endless possibilities. Some even dared you would not even have imagined. Judge for yourself with these fourteen wallpapers, determined to storm the walls to make them see all the colors!

What New in Wallpapers

1. The graphic wallpaper Beaune, France This wallpaper, although loaded, brings a breath of fresh air in a very deco design seventies . With color print and naive patterns, it adds character to the room.

What New in Wallpapers 1

2. The wallpaper log USA The whole house was conceived as a project around the wood of the frame to the logs that appear, through the recycled wooden furniture. This wallpaper, very original, has then become obvious in this totally redesigned cabin.

What New in Wallpapers 2

3. The wallpaper watermelon Paris, France This wallpaper watermelon grounds is edited by Mues and Design from the aptly named collection Tutti Frutti. On the Latin American inspiration, it gives the place a cheerful little holiday home side and colorful, but also quite retro. More are expected to find such in Rio within 60 years than in the current Paris, and this is where lies its charm.

What New in Wallpapers 3

4. The wallpaper print Fontenay-sous-Bois, France This elegant wallpaper decorated with waves, which dresses in the stairwell of a mansion, is not reminiscent of Japanese prints very inspired by this pattern. This is the model nuvolette Fornasetti, edited by Cole & Son. And if you saupoudriez your deco “wonderful clouds”?

5. Wallpaper faceted Ikast, Denmark In the Danish house, it is the wallpaper all over the tart and eccentric than the other that set the tone. The owners wanted a “touch of mirth,” they are surrounded by colored dots in the hundreds. The kitchen was deliberately chosen in a minimalist white to not overload the space.

6. The patchwork Paris, France It is in a light pine Scandinavian-inspired entry that was unearthed this wallpaper patchwork. Yet this is a sham because all these pieces make up a single lé. A mixture of psychedelic and retro patterns of Liberty that we imagine more on a blanket on the wall and brings a cocoon side to this corner. 9 surprising ways to have fun with patchworks

7. Return of patchwork Milan, Italy Conversely, the owners of this house have selected different samples of wallpaper to dress very eclectic background that cashed shelf. The edge of the dresser was also lined with a similar paper as a reminder glance.

8. The wild wallpaper Spain In a spirit between Frida Kahlo and Henri Rousseau, this wallpaper is a true work of art. Worthy of naïve art, this colorful and surreal wall enough to dress the part of all its savagery.

9. Primer Boras, Sweden One would rather find this wallpaper collection of Greenhouse Rebel Walls on a cross stitch on a wall. Yet far from being kitsch, these very light patterns on white background give a bucolic character in this room. The primers invade our homes

10. The cabin wallpaper in this restored farmhouse Danish, Scandinavian style forest was highlighted with modern materials and easy going. A real sham representative planks weathered by time was placed in the corner office. Only the plinth tells us that it is not real boards aged. 7 Wall sham in an eyeful!
11. The forest wallpaper Boras, Sweden. In addition to a column romantic finishes and white floor, this wallpaper forest plunges us into a fairy tale. This is a product from Greenhouse Rebel Walls.
12. wallpaper trophy Frankfurt, Germany Plush or wooden trophy is everywhere as it is trendy. It is on wallpaper that comes here, published by Raum Textil +.

13. The key wallpaper København, Denmark Key to happiness or the key of imagination? This wallpaper is decorated with stylized keys and positioned in different ways to design a symmetrical effect.

14. The other Pantone Los Angeles, USA It is in the room of a Angeleno that we have researched this colorful painted paper, which plays with Pantone, the inevitable colors and trends. Recall that in 2016 the colors lights are quartz pink and blue Serenity. Would you dare get started? What kind of pattern makes you dream?